A leading same-sex marriage opponent has been accused of having an extra marital affair after revelations in Chinese language newspaper.


Andrew Chang, Secretary General of the Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan, has become renowned for his public opposition to equal rights for LGBT people.Chang’s Facebook page was flooded with angry comments after a story in the Chinese-language publication accused him fathering a child with another woman more than ten years ago – while still married to his first wife, surnamed Liu.“Your group should change its name from ‘protecting families’ to ‘protecting hypocrisy,’” wrote one commenter.“If you want to get involved with outside women, that is your family’s business, but you should not be so shameless as to go out and oppose marriage equality,” said another.Speaking to the magazine he claimed he wasn’t sure whether or not he’d father a child in an affair, saying it was a “confusing mess of an incident.”He added that the content of accusations “were not necessarily true.”

Members of the alliance have previously protested pride events, holding signs reading: “Gay behaviour is contagious” and “Against the legalisation of same-sex marriage”.Mr Chang previously claimed that the LGBT ‘ideology’ “does not care for affection, but emphasises sex, encourages sexual contact with multiple people at the same time, unscrupulously corrupts good morals, ethics and traditional culture, and seduces children, causing them to lose the ability to cultivate a relationship, or even turning them into homosexuals.


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