Macklemore sung a protest song about Trump’s win


The singer of the gay rights anthem “Same Love”, took to the stage after the talk show host persuaded him to perform.Ellen explained that she got the rapper on in short notice.“I told this next guest that he had to perform this song on our show and he said, ‘I need time to rehearse it,’ and I said, ‘I will see you tomorrow.’ And that’s really true.”The song he performed, called “Wednesday Morning”, explores marriage equality, the future for younger generations and “queer folk”.Mackelmore, real name Ben Haggerty, wrote the song after the news that Trump would be the next president.He sings: “And we fight for the people that haven’t had a voice.Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice.Fight for women’s rights, if she does or doesn’t care.We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all to get married.I’m not moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation.No time for apathy, no more tears and no complainin’.otta fight harder for the next four and what we’re faced with.Got my daughter in my arms and he is not gonna raise her.”He took to Instagram to share an essay about dealing with grief the day of the results.He wrote: “I don’t have control over Donald Trump becoming president. That has been decided. But what I do have control over is where I go from here. Donald Trump is not raising my daughter. I am.“I will teach my daughter to love,” he wrote. “All people, regardless of the colour of their skin, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or where their birth certificate says they’re from. I will teach her how important it is to be an advocate for humanity. Not just the portion of humanity that benefits her.”


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