This brilliant comic aims to help trans young people stay positive during their transition


A 28-year-old cartoonist is hoping that a comic strip she has made about her own transition can help others to stay positive through their own transition.Julia Kaye, who lives in Los Angeles, created the Up and Out comic strip.In the comic, she features her own feelings of insecurity and dealing with her own gender dysphoria.With a hopeful message, the strip which has more than 100,000 followers, carries a hopeful message about small daily triumphs in getting through her transition.“I had mentioned to a friend I’d been thinking about making a long-form comic about my transition one day and they encouraged me to just go for it and do it in the moment while the memories were still fresh,”“I have so much more insight as to why I felt the way I did back then in a lot of situations… many of my early fears were rooted in insecurity of my gender identity.”“That my story has given them hope for their future, or made them feel better about being themselves — it’s really been heartwarming,” she continues.


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