A man will spend 12 years in prison for killing his trans partner


A man from LA stabbed his partner to death and then arsoned the house to hide the evidence of his crime. Vash Payne was attacked by her boyfriend, Ezekiel Jamal Dear, on the evening of January 31st 2015. Dear set the apartment on fire and left but the next day, he confessed to police that he had killed her. It is unclear why the jury opted to lessen the charge, although the Los Angeles Daily News reported the stabbing took place “during a dispute.” Payne, 33, was the third transgender woman of colour to be killed in 2015. The recorded number was 21, making it a deadly record at the time. 2016 has since become the deadliest year on record for transgender murders with 26 people’s murders being recorded so far.However, the number could be skewed as many trans people are often misgendered in autopsy reports.


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