Australian pupils received anti-gay leaflets instead of Christmas gifts


The children were presented with golden envelopes when they boarded the bus home from school. A sticky not on every box said: “To the wonderful people who care for me everyday! Merry Christmas”. But instead of toys and chocolate bars everybody should receive for Christmas the children and their parents found a leaflet from anti-LGBT group Marriage Alliance inside the post.

Up to ten drivers are believed to have been involved in handing out the envelopes to students from Kyabram P-12 College, north of Melbourne, on Wednesday as the children made their way home from school. It’s since been reported that members of the Marriage Alliance group had been boarding the school buses to hand out their literature – meaning unknown men and women have been allowed in the children’s buses. Kyabram College head teacher Stuart Bott told parents the pamphlet did not represent the school’s position on marriage equality.
He did confirm, though, that a “member of the community” had distributed the letters to bus drivers.

LGBT rights advocates reacted angrily to the news. Campaigner Damien Stevens said: “To do that around Christmas and to disguise the information in the form of a present is foul. The parents have opened it up in front of the child, the child says ‘what is this’, and then they have a conversation about it,” he told local news site The Age. The school has clarified that it welcomes students of all sexual orientations and backgrounds, and aims to have an inclusive school environment. Australia does not have marriage equality, despite repeated attempts by some MPs.


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