Trump supporter is held captive for threatens to kill gays in LGBT-inclusive church


Joseph Jorczak, 34, had targeted the LGBT-inclusive Miami Beach Community Church, barraging the church and its pastor with threats. In disturbing online postings, Jorczak threatened an attack on the place of worship for catering to gay people to whom he refers as ‘sick’.

According to NBC Miami, the criminal made enquiries into obtaining an AR-15 assault rifle and shared an instructional video on how to make napalm. His pages in social networks are full of pro-Trump posts. including content shared from so-called ‘alt-right’ extremist groups, interspersed with the death threats to the church. In posts last month, Jorczak said: “Orlando will look small to what is coming to Miami Beach, specifically the Miami Beach Community Church. The Miami Beach Community Church is filled with a bunch of sick homosexuals.”
He added: “when it is time Orlando will be laughed at the LGBT advocate that is posing as a Miami Beach Community Church Will Feel my pain and bloodshed” In another post Jorczak claimed “the homosexuals at the Miami Beach Community Church taught me you cannot trust the LGBT community they are nasty people”. Sharing a story from pro-Trump Facebook group ‘The Deplorables’, reporting Sir Elton John’s refusal to play at President-elect Trump’s inauguration, Jorczak wrote “Stone him to death”. Police attempted to question Jorczak at his apartment on Wednesday, but he refused to cooperate with authorities, barricading himself in his home. He was subsequently arrested and charged with stalking, cyber stalking and violating a restraining order. Court records show that the church’s pastor Rev Hunter Thompson has a restraining order against Jorczak.


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