Homophobic cage fighter left a gay man one step away from death


David Ryan, 56, was brutally attacked walking home from the pub after celebrating holidays in a circle of friends. The police have recently released a mug shot of the suspect. Keith Moult, a 35-year-old cage fighter and boxer, beat the man up in an attack so brutal it left Mr Ryan just 15 minutes from death according to doctors. Moult has now been found guilty of assault and sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

Moult hurled homophobic insults, punched and kicked Mr Ryan in the street. He continued the brutal assault as he lay helplessly on the ground and lost consciousness. Mr Ryan was left in the street in freezing temperatures, with his body temperature dropping to a dangerously low 24 degrees. His body was eventually found by a passer-by who helped take him to hospital.

“Don’t be scared to report this if it happens to you – justice will be done,” the victim told reporters, “Gay and lesbian people, LGBT people, need to know that this could happen to them and be aware. But they shouldn’t be afraid to report it if something happens to them this New Year’s Eve.” He had originally kept the attack to himself, too afraid of the consequences and that nothing would be done if he reported the crime. But friends convinced him to speak about the homophobic assault.


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