American hospitalized after losing his partner in Berlin terror attack


Richard Ramirez is a native of Rio Grande Valley in San Benito, a suburb of San Antonio. Armando Ramirez told reporters his brother moved to Berlin between ten and 15 years ago to live with his partner who his German. But the attack in Berlin took his life and broke Richard’s heart. The brother of Richard says “I quickly thought about my brother Richard. I thought, ‘Oh dear Lord, I hope that he wasn’t anywhere near that area or was hurt.’ But then I didn’t hear anything as the day went on, and then we got the news this morning… We’re just devastated. They told me he was in the hospital in the ICU and they had done surgery and removed part of his colon and it messed up his ACL,” he told Valley Central News. The embassy’s Office for Victim Assistance is helping Ramirez’s family travel to Germany in order to be by his side. “Everyone’s been praying for my brother and the other victims and all we can do is hang on to our faith and pray”


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