In Denmark the number of children willing to receive gender treatment is twice more than expected


A gender clinic in Copenhagen has helped far more children than expected since it started to offer hormonal treatment to children at the beginning of the year. In Denmark, children from age 12 upwards can request hormone suppressors to block puberty. The effects of such treatment are reversible. At 16, they can begin a course of hormone treatment that is irreversible. In May, Danish lawmakers announced that they would be declassifying ‘being transgender’ from its list of mental disorders – a move welcomed by many transgender advocates.

A spokesperson for advocacy group LGBT Danmark said they were not surprised by the increase in young people seeing treatment. ‘The large number of requests in the Nordic countries is because we have been very late in starting treatment,’ said Linda Thor Pedersen to Danish news agency Ritzau. ‘Many more children can now get help to clarify whether they want treatment and receive the treatment at a time when puberty hasn’t yet harmed them.’


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