The Sun wants to commemorate George Michael but not all fans like the idea


Andrew Ridgeley, who worked with George Michael in Wham! is against the idea of re-releasing of George’s cult hit Careless Whisper. The idea was offered by The Sun as a tribute to the singer who has passed away this Christmas. But the singer’s fans stood against it and Andrew Ridgeley joined them in it.

And the campaign is not against re-releasing of Michael’s songs, there are doubt about whether it should be Careless Whisper. Not because the song is bad, the fact that Careless Whisper is one of the most beautiful and romantic ballads of our time is really undeniable. The thing is that George Michael’s tribute re-releasing should reflect him as an individual in the music industry, not as a part of Wham. Although released as a George Michael solo single, Ridgeley is credited as a co-writer of ‘Careless Whisper’, and the song first appeared on the Wham album, Make it Big. Ridgely says that it would be far more appropriate to release a solo George Michael composition, such as Amazing. Others have suggested the song Outside – Michael’s brazen response to his arrest – as more fitting. Ridgeley also criticized the papers for referring to George Michael as ‘Wham singer’, saying it was a ‘a disservice to his memory’ to refer to him purely in relation to his time with Wham.


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