A trans couple is living in fear for their baby boy’s life


Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado, who are both transgender and who have brought their son to this world last year, complain that they receive online threatens addressed not even to them, but to their little child. When the boy was born, it caused a great sensation, because the child was conceived naturally, Diane and Fernando haven’t gone through surgery yet, they decided to have a baby first. So, the child was born by his father from his mother (if to look from the point of view of gender identity, not biology) which made them famous. But now they’re dealing with the dark side of their fame.

“In general the reaction of both my family and people in general has been positive. Transphobic and homophobic people have also become present, even threatening to kill our son. We have already spoken with the authorities here in Ecuador to protect us. We have asked for support also to give guaranteed safety in our house.We know that the people who want to attack us are few, but we have to take the necessary assurances,” Rodriguez told the Mirror, “Just yesterday we were talking seriously, between Fernando and me, about being able to adopt a boy or girl, even with some kind of disability or some discriminated race. We know that as a LGBTI transsexual family we can give all the love and love that their parents could not. So yes, we not only think about having more children but adopting them,” she added. And this is really a very good plan. We wish the family of Diane and Fernando to extend in the new year and to live with no fear


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