Milo Yiannapoulos raised $100,000 in charity for university grants but the money is not paid


Milo Yiannopoulos has allegedly raised $100,000 in charity for white boys, but neglected to pay it out. According to the report by Mic,the Internet personality. has raised over $100,000 for the cause, but the money appears to have disappeared into private bank accounts and shell companies all registered to the same address in London. It’s not the first time the fund has fallen under scrutiny. In August, the conservative commentator and director of the fund Margaret MacLennan took to twitter to say the money was unaccounted for, and that donors should demand an explanation as to why plans to award scholarships in 2016 were never followed through. “We’re going to make sure we have monthly updates on our website, and we’re going to start using our long-neglected Twitter account,” Colin Madine, the administrative lead for the Privilege Grant, said in an interview published on Yiannopoulos’ YouTube channel. 100 grants of $2,500 are set to be given out to those in need, and a pilot programme was supposed to start in spring 2017 semester. However, the pilots have not happened, monthly updates were not given, and no paperwork was filed in August or since. This sparked MacLennan to begin tweeting accusations once again, and she alleged that Yiannopoulos had registered the grant to a shell company. This company was later dissolved, she added. Yiannopoulos denied these accusations of wrongdoing to Mic, but failed to provide information about the Grants. After the enquiry, an update was posted to the Privilege Grant website which said paperwork was still being processed.


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