Mormon reality star came out as a lesbian

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The TLC reality series, which has aired since 2010, follows a polygamist family who follow a fringe Mormon belief system that permits a man to have two or more spouses simultaneously. Mariah Brown, the daughter of four-times wedded dad Kody Brown and first wife Meri, gathered her family on-camera to share the news about her sexuality. After the show repeatedly teased her announcement, her family began to speculate. Gathering them at the end of the episode, she says: “You guys are freaking out, which is making me freak out. This feels so awkward. I’m freaking out… I’m gay.”

The episode left the announcement as a cliffhanger, so the reaction of her parents is not clear – but her mum seems happy enough. She tweeted: “Thanks for joining us for this shocking episode. Join us next week for more! For now, the family is off to a movie.” Mariah Brown tweeted to supportive fans: “Wow okay y’all making me cry with your support. thank you thank you thank you thank you.”


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