Russia announces registry containing details of patients with HIV

CANGE, HAITI - MARCH 24: Blood tests wait to be inspected at the lab of Zanmi Lasante Hospital March 24, 2005 in Cange, Haiti. Many HIV positive patients come to be hospitalized here, but the majority of HIV infected people will stay at home in their final stage of life and will die there as most hospitals in the country can not take them. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images)

In the nearest future Russia may possibly suggest that anyone diagnosed with HIV to appear on a central registry. There is such a registry in Russia already, although it is not obligatory to sign into it. Although, many are concerned that people could be forced to appear on the registry and that it could be used to discriminate against HIV positive people. Speaking to TASS, a Health Ministry spokesperson said that the registry was intended to streamline HIV resources. They said that medicines would be more readily available as a result of the registry, announced on 1 January. According to the Health Ministry, 824,000 out of 850,000 HIV-positive people have been added to the registry already. But HIV/AIDS activists fear that a large number of undiagnosed HIV-positive people are not on the register. According to reports, less than half of HIV-positive people in Russia receive treatment. Most of Russia’s HIV budget goes on medicine, and activists fear that more should be spent on preventative measures such as sex education and condoms.


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