A woman resigned from job after refusing to remove rainbow flag picture


A lesbian hospital worker Michelle Hurn quit her work in a sign of protest against her bosses who ordered her to remove her computer desktop picture with a rainbow flag because they considered it to be offensive. “It kind of rotates between pictures of me running, my chickens, my dog. The last screen saver I had before this was me and my wife after we went to a wedding,” Hurn spoke to ABC Denver7, “To say that a symbol of equality is offensive… I have a real problem with that and I just don’t feel good working for an organization that’s going to stand behind that. I was very surprised that HR, my boss, the director of our department, they all told me they like me, they think I’m a good dietitian, they think I do great work, but if I’m going to put the symbol back up, then they’re going to start the discipline process and that I was going to be fired.”

The hospital CEO has responded with a following statement on behalf of the staff: “The media report also stated that the gay pride flag was on a list of offensive images that are banned at BCH. There is not and never has been such a list. It is BCH practice that communications and images in shared workspaces be neutral. The purpose of this practice is to maintain a workplace that is focused on patient care. In this specific situation, the employee resigned rather than accept our content neutrality practice. The employee who resigned was never threatened with termination by any member of the management team or Human Resources Department at BCH. The employee was offered the opportunity to have formal or informal mediation with her coworker but declined that option and chose to resign. Unfortunately, American society is increasingly polarized and we in Boulder are not immune to that divisiveness. I am deeply saddened that this incident has caused members of our community to feel unwelcome at BCH. This is not who we are and does not represent our values.”


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