Orlando football club pays tribute to Pulse victims


Orlando City president Phil Rawlins has unveiled 49 rainbow seats matched with a number of people killed during the shooting in Pulse nightclub caused by Omar Matin on June 12. ‘Just over six months ago on June the 12th, there was the senseless loss of 49 lives at the Pulse Nigthclub,’ Rawlins said in a video of the private ceremony the club released.And as a sports, as a community, as a soccer club, we responded to that tragedy in the very best possible way. And it was my belief, I know it’s your belief as a club, that this sport can lift up a community and help to heal a community,’ Rawlings said. He added: ‘We made a commitment on that day that, which is that we would commemorate, forever, in the new stadium a memory of the 49 victims that lost their lives that day. And today we’re here to do that. We’re here to commemorate and unveil the 49 rainbow seats that will sit permanently in section 12 of our new stadium as a constant reminder of the senseless acts of June 12.’


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