Taiwanese lesbians showed the joys and sorrows of parenting via documentary


In a short documentary produced by Taiwanese online media platform people are able to see all the rises and falls of growing a child in a same-sex family, which is especially difficult in countries like Taiwan, where such families are not even legally considered as families.

Chiao-Ting and Jia-Min are a lesbian couple living in Taiwan with their baby boy. Chiao-Ting is a lawyer who became a stay-at-home mom while her partner Jia-Min is a urologist. Their 15-month old boy is nicknamed Little Pudding, and they call themselves the Pudding family. Eventually, they had a sperm donation from a gay couple whom they are friends with. Chiao-Ting says that they went for that option instead of having an anonymous sperm donor in case the boy hopes to know who his biological father is when he is older. The couple also talk about the secret to having a happy parenthood — which is to split the workload so the burden of taking care of a newborn doesn’t fall on just one party. The pair admit that there’s a period in their life where their relationship turned cold because of the stresses of being first-time parents.

‘In hindsight, that’s a small issue, trifles like who sweeps the floor, and who cleans the table,’ Chiao-Ting says. ‘Really not a big deal but it’s actually your expectation on how you handle your relationship.’ The couple also got to know other parents when they brought Pudding to play groups to interact with other kids around his age. ‘When you see a gay family for the first time, maybe you’d think, they are a different kind of family,’ says one parent. ‘But when you get along with them, you’d see that they’re not that different. They fight like all couples do and struggle with parenting like all parents.’ Another parent of the play group says: ‘They love Pudding, just like how I love my daughter… And we all have so much fun here for both the grownups and the kids.’


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