Turkish gay designer was attacked at the airport


Barbaros Şansal was attacked following deportation from Cyprus. He was physically abused by a mob at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport. He was departed from Cyprus for posting a video criticising the policy of the current Turkish government. A video of the incedent has been shared thousands of times on social media. Police officers seemed to be escorting him from the plane, when the designer was subject to verbal attacks by a group of men. As soon as Şansal was off the steps to the plane, the mob started chasing him. The designer was then beaten and suffered hits to the waist, hips and groin, according to lawyer Efkan Bolaç, before being rushed off the scene by what are believed to be plainclothes police officers who came to arrest him.

Şansal is still in detention; according to the BBC, he is being held in one of Turkey’s biggest prisons, where many of the country’s imprisoned journalists are also being held. He was charged with ‘inciting hatred and animosity among the public’ and for ‘insulting’ the public.


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