Children’s magazine features gay couple for the first time


Just a month after accusations of homophobia, a children’s magazine denied them with action – representing a same-sex couple on their pages. The strip of ‘Highlights’ magazine shows gay dads loading up a van for a family trip away. It asks children to write in and tell their own story of a family trip. “Has your family ever taken a memorable family trip?” the text of the strip reads. “Tell us where you went and what you liked about it.”

Previously the magazine received criticism for not educating children about LGBT issues. They responded that parents should educate their kids about it at home. And as for wide circles of readers, these issues are new and a little bit strange. But the magazine has now been criticised for including the same-sex family in its latest edition. Christine French Cully, the magazine’s editor in chief tells the Washington Post: “We did expect and received a backlash when we committed to becoming more fully reflective to all the different kinds of families out there. We expect this will make some people unhappy. Our focus remains on creating the best possible content for children.” Anti-LGBT group One Million Moms responded in December to criticise the magazine for saying it would include same-sex parents in a future edition.


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