PrEP campaign urges people to make love (mildly speaking) with no fear


A new PrEP campaign being run in Los Angeles and it is unexpectedly creative. It promotes HIV-preventing drugs with a slogan “F*ck w/out Fear, PrEP Here”. The billboard also promotes the use of condoms for STI’s other than HIV. Darrel Cummings, the Chief of Staff at the centre believes that we should be optimising all the tools to prevent further HIV infection. “If HIV uninfected people who are most at-risk of infection successfully protect themselves from the virus, we can effectively end HIV transmission here,” said the Centre’s Chief Medical Officer Robert Bolan M.D. Bolan added that although condoms are important for preventing other STI’s, they aren’t “enough” to prevent HIV, which makes them especially excited about the promises given by PrEP inventors. .


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