Trans woman was warmly welcomed back at work after transition


Aoife Martin came out as transgender in October and after it she had to leave her job to undergo all the procedures connected with changing gender. And when she finally returned, her colleagues welcomed her with a supporttng note and an adorable flower bouquet. “I started this process in my personal life just over a year ago and it’s an ongoing journey,” Aoife told, “Then, just over two months ago I told my HR rep, Ann-Marie, that I was trans and that I wished to transition within the workplace. She was absolutely lovely about it and I really cannot stress strongly enough just how supportive and hard working behind the scenes she has been.” “MasterCard Dublin is a very supportive and inclusive environment. As far as I know I’m the first person to transition within the company and I hope that my positive experience might help and encourage other LGBT+ employees to come forward when they feel they are ready.”


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