64% cases of HIV infections take place in Russia, study shows

CANGE, HAITI - MARCH 24: Blood tests wait to be inspected at the lab of Zanmi Lasante Hospital March 24, 2005 in Cange, Haiti. Many HIV positive patients come to be hospitalized here, but the majority of HIV infected people will stay at home in their final stage of life and will die there as most hospitals in the country can not take them. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images)

The country saw some 100,000 new infections according to the latest data. In the rest of Europe the figures remained stable and in some countries even dropped down. 98,177 new diagnoses of HIV were diagnosed in Russia in 2015, the most recent year to have its data published. Russia now accounts for 64% of all HIV cases in Europe, up from 60% on previous aidsmap figures.144 million people live in Russia, making it bigger than Germany, France and the UK. The main way of HIV transmission in Russia is through blood, so it is mostly spread among drug users and in hospitals were needles are used multiple times. However the Russia government has very limited programmes for helping people come off injecting drugs. While in many nations programmes are provided to help users withdraw from injecting drugs – such as using methadone – the Russian government has hardly any assistance in place. The figures may well under-estimate transmission rates, as many don’t know their status.


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