Drag queen’s protest confronted an anti-gay preacher


The drag artists started a confrontation with a homophobic priest while he was preaching in his own church. Bishop Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church in New Zealand was protested with a drag queen disco. The queens sang YMCA outside the church and flew rainbow banners to protest comments made by the bishop. The preacher previously said that the earthquakes were the convulsions of the Earth under the sin of homosexuality. Even the members of the church could not make up their minds with such a claim. Event launcher Wayne Baker told the NZHerald that the LGBT community “wasn’t going to tolerate hatred”. It went really well. We had a lot of toots of support from the public and cheering and waving. It just goes to show the views of Brian Tamaki are the views of Brian Tamaki.” The event’s organiser said they received a backlash on their Facebook event page, where some commenters defended Biship Tamaki by saying “he has gay friends”. Someone said we were sexualising the event because of the drag. All we want to do is raise awareness, to show the LGBT community won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour.”


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