Lesbians were chosen as co-pastors of a Baptist church


A lesbian couple in Washington D.C were chosen to lead the local Baptist church. Sally Sarratt and Maria Swearingen will begin in their new role next month. The new pastors have been introduced to their congregation already. The married couple are believed to be the first gay couple leading a Baptist church, a spokeswoman for the congregation has confirmed. “We look for the best people in the world and that’s who they were,” said Carol Blythe. “We’re very excited.” The couple, originally from South Carolina, have moved to Washington to take on the roles in the Calvary Baptist Church. We have found it so easy to fall in love with Calvary and its long-standing commitment to be a voice of justice and compassion for those who perpetually find the wholeness of their humanity disregarded and maligned,” the couple said to the congregation Sunday, according to the church.


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