Marc Jacobs’ ex partner claims to be asexual


Celebrity Big Brother contestant Austin Armacost who is known in part for being in romantic relations with the fashion designer Marc Jacobs, has given an interview before entering the CBB house. In the interview he identified himself as a very asexual person. The TV personality made the revelation in an interview with fellow former Big Brother contestant Andy West. “I am probably in all honesty the least sexual people you will ever meet,” he said. “As much as I love getting my kit off and showing my bum everywhere, I am like a nun in bed.” He added that he is not a virgin. He used to be involved into intimate relationships and he has sex now. But he does it rarely and does not feel any necessity of it. I don’t normally do dating apps,” he said, “I broke down and got Grindr after my split. I did it because I was bored. “Well, I met a few. But they were dates. I don’t do that no strings attached thing, you know ‘come on over, dump your load and go’ kinda thing. I am not going to go out with someone and have sex with them,” he added. “Even after a fourth or fifth date – that’s not what I want. I want a nice man! It has little to do with physicality.”


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