Republican lawmaker asks to ban LGBT teachers because they ‘show a bad example’


Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Republican member to the Colorado House of Representatives for the 15th district, made the claim on his televangelist show saying that the teachers who are ‘propagating demonic homosexuality’ should be moved away from teaching practice not to have a negative influence on their students.

According to the clip published by Right Wing Watch, the lawmaker stated: “As a culture now, the demonic spirit of homosexuality has taken over and redefined marriage to tell these boys that it’s okay. The demonic spirit of deception has taken over the school board or whoever decided, maybe the principal, decided hire these child abusers to teach elementary school. If anything, they should have been disqualified immediately because of their immorality, because the immorality inside of these two men are indicators that they are unfit to be a good example to little children. This is evil upon evil and it’s not just these two men who are at fault. It is our laws as a society that need to be changed to prevent and protect children from this kind of abuse in the future.”


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