USA drag queen performed in Cuba


Mimi Imfurst has became the first American drag artist to perform in Cuba with a goal to create closer relationships between two countries and to leave the conflict between them in the past. Taking advantage of the friendlier relations, drag queen Mimi Imfurst became the first to perform a show in the country, performing on New Years Eve with help from local LGBT groups. The culture gap was apparent from the start – with the local dancers taking part in the show having never heard Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ before.

“The moment was overwhelming, the idea that we can come together to create a piece of art- to come together- to express ourselves and encourage others to think about the possibilities that lay before us when we try to bridge the divides that stand between us,” the performer said. “My trip to Cuba was life changing. I got to experience the rich history and culture of Cuba by living in their houses and spending the week disconnecting from the outside world. More importantly the Cuban people are incredible. They have fought through a strict embargo and have thrived with nothing more than the tenacity of the human spirit. That is inspiring for us all and at the end of the day, that is what will always win.”


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