Australian arsonist needs more gay magazines in prison


An Australian convict serving life sentence for firing a nursing house and causing the death og 11 people requests to receive his favourite gay periodicals behind the bars. Roger Kingsley Dean, 40, was working as a nurse at the Quakers Hill nursing home in Sydney when he decided to burn the place down to destroy evidence of him stealing painkilling medication prescribed to the residents. He has written a letter to the editors of his favourite magazine 2 years ago. But only recently it went viral.

The criminal wrote: Dear Editor, I used to be a regular DNA subscriber, but unfortunately I am now in prison doing a life sentence. I wonder if your marketing department can liaise with my prison’s general manager to suggest they include DNA on the prison magazine buying list. I have spoken with various gay inmates who also feel frustrated that they are not able to buy gay books, literature and magazine.’ The magazine published a reply saying it’s a ‘bummer’ that Dean’s ‘doing hard time without appropriate reading material,’ and that its team would be ‘in touch with the general manager about the buy list.’A prison spokeswoman told Daily Telegraph that DNA magazine was not available at Goulburn prison and that she’s unable to confirm if Dean wrote the letter.


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