Marriage equality is rejected in North Dakota despite being legally recognized

Lesbian wedding cake figurine

The state lawmakers refused to recognize same-sex marriages despite that fact that they are signed into law on the federal level (= in the whole USA, in every state with no exception). Democrats had tabled the measure to formalise equal marriage in the state’s laws, removing defunct claims that marriage is between “one man and one woman” and rephrasing dozens of state laws to be compliant with the Supreme Court ruling. But the Republicans tried to defeat the bill claiming that it will “serve to diminish with official intent the honour and sacredness of what the human institution of marriage is described as in the North Dakota Constitution as it stands today.” Although Democrats responded that there is no power for North Dakota to reject the decisions of the Supreme Court. Senator John Grabinger said: “I do not believe it is responsible for us to risk potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer money just because we refuse to update the current century code to reflect current federal law.”


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