One more scandal about homophobia on CBB


Celebrity Big Brother has been hit with new homophobic claims after James Jordan made comments about Austin Armacost who had an experience of loving affairs with men. Although recently he came out as asexual. Jordan clashed with the gay A List: New York star after the latter demanded to leave and complained he couldn’t take the pressure of the show anymore. Following Austin threatening to punch James, the Strictly pro said: ‘Listen, you don’t want me to start, or I’ll hurt you. ‘If you want to play with the rough boys, you’re going to get yourself hurt. You’re used to playing with little soft boys. Don’t play with real boys.’ Austin seemed unfazed by the comment, replying: ‘Don’t play with the dancer yeah, because the dancer’s the rough boy.’ Viewers believe the phrase ‘soft boys’ was a direct homophobic comment.


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