The author of Chinese biggest gay app is a policeman in closet


Geng Le – the founder of China’s first gay social app, Blued – was never one to take the easy road. Being gay in China is risky and highly-judged itself. Gays gathering in China is double risky. And helping millions of Chinese gays to find each other is really dangerous. This emergence of Blued as a major “against all odds” success story has been covered extensively by Western media, whose audiences would tend to assume such accomplishment would not be possible in a relatively socially conservative market.

“We’re finding that people have a bit of fatigue that there hasn’t been much innovation in gay apps over the past decade or so,” said Mr Le. “Blued is designed to inspire more live interaction, that’s why people love the live video streaming and sharing features. It’s a refreshing break from the fairly one-dimensional ‘grid-and-chat’ format we all know so well.” He risked quiet life with a wife (because it was a lie to himself and others) and the career in police choosing to help other gay Chinese. Is t worth it? Mr. Le has no doubt that it is.


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