A man assaulted two lesbians to ‘cure’ them


The Instagram user was posting on Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi-Davis’ page about a quote from a new report in Nigeria where the members of the Nigerian LGBT community throughout the country got together to share their stories from personal life. One woman shared a story of being sexually abused. ‘I traveled to my home town with my girlfriend some years ago… a neighbor [burst] in and caught us in the act,’ she said. ‘The two guys hit us with belts and even threatened to expose us to the public if we didn’t comply with them. They ended up forcing us to have sex with them.’

But instead of support she was only laughed at by a homophobic rapist. On the post, a user called marvel_loyal wrote: ‘So what? I have done that to 2 girls I and my friends caught in the act before, we where 4 in number and we all sleep with each other idiots twice, because dick is made for pussy not pussy for pussy or Eve and Eve, is Adam and Eve, we have 2 human speeches in the world, a male and female!!! [sic]’

After Alimi-Davis posted the quote on his social media, the self-confessed rapist sent a death threat to the Nigerian LGBTI activist. ‘You are stupid, Nigeria can never accept any shit called homosexual, you are nobody to put pressure on Nigeria and will lead to this shit, Homosexual will never ever and ever and ever be legalised in Nigeria that’s final he goat!!!! you come to Nigeria and preach all your rubbish, and see how you going to be killed.’


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