Germany has the highest level of supporting same-sex marriages, but government still doubts over recognizing them


The country’s Anti-Discrimination Authority (AdS) has officially released the result of the new sate-sponsored study describing the attitude of Germans to gay, lesbian and bisexual people and their rights. Over 82% of respondents said that they are completely supporting the idea of legal recognition of same-sex marriages. 75.8% of people support an equal right to adoption, while 67.4% want same-sex couples to receive the same support as straight couples when it comes to assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF.
Open homophobia is on the march back, with 9.7% saying homosexuality was ‘immoral’, although 18.3% still agreed with it being ‘unnatural’. But that’s only open homophobia – more subtle devaluations still receive far more support. Asked whether LGB people should ‘stop making such a fuss about their sexuality’ 43.6% agreed, while 26.2% claimed discussions about homosexuality take up too much time in the media. Nearly the same number of people – 26.5% – said they wanted as little contact as possible with homosexuality as a topic. At the same time, the acceptance of homosexual people is growing: only 11.8% said they’d be uncomfortable with a lesbian colleague, and 12.6% said the same about a gay colleague. In both cases, more than 45% of respondents said they didn’t care. Once you get a little more personal and into the family realm, the numbers change: nearly 20% said they’d be uncomfortable if their daughter’s kindergarten teacher was lesbian, and 24.1% said the same about their son being taught by a gay man.


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