Mexican media company presents a video about the children of same-sex parents


Cultura Colectiva company in their new video focused on same-sex parenting. The video was short but rather informative. It draws upon findings from the 20-year-long Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study in the US. This found that kids raised by lesbians showed higher than average psychological stability and improved academic achievement. Kids may suffer from homophobic abuse outside the family, but in general these are the most serious difficulties. Inside the family the situation is the same as in opposite-sex family and sometimes even better.

A study published by Melbourne University in the same year went further, saying children raised by same-sex couples were, on average, healthier and happier. The study’s author says that in same-sex families both parents are equal and gender stereotypes do not dictate them what to do, which creates positive environment around the children. Other researchers have pointed out that gay couples tend to have to go to greater lengths to start a family, and have to be very determined to become parents. By contrast, heterosexual couples can sometimes become parents without planning, which can impact on their subsequent childcaring abilities. This can effect ‘average’ findings when looking at heterosexual couples. All experts tend to agree on one thing: children thrive when brought up by parents and care-givers who love and want them, regardless of sexuality.


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