Scandalous BBC documentary about trans kids was reviewed by an expert


Even though the documentary is about kids, it was aired too late for kids to see it. Second minus is that doctor Zucker, the man who thought that gender identity depends on toys children play with and lost his job because of it, was introduced as the biggest expert of gender dysphoria – so Trans Media Watch’s Helen Belcher is sure that it does not represent the transgender issues objectively.

Zucker’s colleague Dr Ray Blanchard had a major supporting role. These two have had large amounts of research rejected by their peers. Another CAMH doctor, Devita Singh, was brought in to help make the case that their approach was rejected because of politics. It took 18 minutes before a ‘gender affirming’ doctor appeared in the shape of Dr Norman Spack. He was the only cisgender medic on that side, apart from five seconds of Joey Bonifacio. Hershel Russell, a trans therapist, and Cheri DiNovo, a bisexual politician, completed the lineup of experts. None of these, apart from Spack, could be described as impartial. They tried to represent being transgender as an undesirable consequence of upbringing – Zucker and Blancard recalled that in 88% cases people who addressed to them did not do transition and they represented it as a good thing

‘Sadly, it looks like the BBC has forgotten any lessons it learned after Andrew Wakefield and the MMR disaster. There are great dangers in giving discredited doctors a voice and you have to ask whether ‘balance’ is the right approach in such cases. The BBC’s prior protestations led me to believe that Zucker would be one of many voices, not the principal one. Adding to the parent who claimed she was duped by the producers, a YouTuber has now alleged that her video was used in the film without permission. All this adds up to seriously bad practice,’ the expert told Gay Star News


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