Brit Awards nominee as the best male could become the best female 11 years later


Trans singer Anohni has been nominated for Brit Award as Best British Female Solo Artist. And what is really interesting that this is not the first attempt of the singer to receive an award. Antony Hegarty (this is a male name Anohi was known by before coming out as trans) was nominated for Best British Male Artist in 2006 as part of the band Antony and the Johnsons, after the release of their album, I Am a Bird Now.

In an interview with the Guardian last year, the 45-year-old artist said Anohni was the ‘spirit name’ of Antony Hegarty, and that she has identified as transgender since childhood. She said that ‘cowardice and shame’ prevented her from asking people to call her ‘she’. ‘”She” used to make my skin crawl,’ she said. ‘Within a gay context it can be used very snidely: to contain trans people and to denigrate other men.’ Working and socialising with women, and doing [campaign group] Future Feminism, empowered me in the feminine, and I could accept that it was OK to be the way I am. But I don’t feel emphatically female, it’s more subtle than that.’ She also said ‘the trans condition is a beautiful mystery; it’s one of nature’s best ideas’.


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