A girl having three biological parents was born in Ukraine


The first child was born with a help of the revolutionary method of pronuclear core transmission, which actually means that the child has the genes of three people – mother, father and female donor. The mother’s egg core was transmitted to the donor’s egg. The core of the donor’s egg was removed. This case is special because the cores were transmitted into the embryo which had already been fertilized. Previous experiments using this method included unfertilized embryos only.

“Thanking to the pronuclear transmission the 34-year-old infertile woman who failed to conceive over 15 years could bear a child which is genetically related to her. ‘Our’ baby came to this world,” the clinic’s chief shared.

“As a result we had got a ‘reconstructed’ egg in which were 3 sets of DNA – core DNA of the mother and the father (approximately 25 thousand genes) and cytoplasmic DNA of the donor (37 genes), which was confirmed during the prenatal examinations in Ukraine and Germany. The child is born via this method is the first one in the world,” the clinic’s chief Valeri Zukin told UNIAN.


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