Emmerdale star asks the bosses to make his character come out


Emmerdale star Adam Thomas has got a request for the bosses at the soap to open up about his character’s sexuality. Thomas is sure that his character is gay (even if the screenwriters did not think about it, gay characters have better storyline to the actor’s mind. So he wants his character to come out), but it has never been shown in the series. “Whoever’s gay seems to get a good storyline so I’m hoping Adam turns gay,” the star told The Sun. “I’m putting it out there. I’m not bothered about snogging another guy – I love guys. I’ve not kissed a guy yet, but there’s a first time for everything. If you’re gonna go there, go there. Life is a celebration. Make each day count, as they said in Titanic.”

A trans woman, who was asked to appear in the ITV soap Emmerdale back in 2013 as a barmaid, received an apology after her gender was made to be the source of ridicule. The scene, which would have aired in early 2014, featured four female characters in a gay bar competing to get phone numbers from other women. Actress Samantha Valentine – who played the barmaid – complained to ITV, accusing the show of transphobia.


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