‘Gay dance party’ is planned in the VPs house

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 31: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during a press conference March 31, 2015 at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pence spoke about the state's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act which has been condemned by business leaders and Democrats. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

A gay rights group is planning a party in the house of the homophobic newly-elected VP Mike Pence. The gathering planned for tomorrow, 18 January, is being organised by WERK for Pence which describes itself as “a grassroots movement using dance to promote peace”, and Disrupt. 300 people agreed to come and over a thousand showed the interest to the event on Facebook. “The homo/transphobic Mike Pence has graciously invited us to shake our booties and bodies in front of/around his house in Chevy Chase,” reads the event page on Facebook, “We plan on leaving behind [biodegradable] glitter and rainbow paraphinalia that he can NEVER forget. That’s right, get ready to WERK it and tell Daddy Pence: homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country…” the description continues. “Bring your flyest rainbow gear and your booty/body shaking skills!”. People on Facebook suggested that the event probably will not be safe and limited by law. One person wrote: “I sure hope a semi truck barrels out of control right through your dance party!!” Another said: “Do you vile dogs not have anything better to do?”


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