Katie Hopkins thinks that Jennifer Holliday refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration because of bullying


Hopkins attacked LGBT community via Twitter saying that LGBT people forced Jennifer Holliday to drop the inauguration performance, which she (Hopkins) believes to be wrong and intolerant. “Bullied by the very people who preach tolerance. Who’’s intolerant now? Holliday decides Not to Sing for Trump,” the commentator tweeted. “The ‘tolerant’ LGBT community in action again. Tolerant as long as you have the beauty pageant answer & conform to one opinion…..theirs.,” she went on attaching the screen of Holliday’s letter to The Wrap in which she explained that she would not perform for Trump because it would hurt the feelings of her LGBT fans. Initially Holliday, who voted for Hillary Clinton, accepted the performance and defended it by saying it was “non-political”. The Broadway star said she had a “lapse in judgement” when agreeing to perform at the swearing-in ceremony. In the letter, which was written exclusively for The Wrap, Holliday writes that she hoped she could keep in tradition as a “bi-partisan songbird”. Holliday explained that she wanted her voice to unite a divided America, but realised from reading response articles that singing at the inauguration ceremony is not the way, and so she apologises.


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