Tennessee Republicans demand to strictly limit parenting with biology


Republican lawmakers in Tennessee are introducing a bill according to which the terms like ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘husband’, ‘wife’ are set to be defined more ‘clearly’ which actually means that they are going to be limited to biological factors.

The lawmakers in the Senate and House in Tennessee, Senator Janice Bowling and Representative John Ragan respectively, claim that the bill is necessary in order to streamline the court process for legally ambiguous words. They demanded to bring the words back to their ‘original’ and ‘natural’ meaning based on biological difference between male and female.

The bill was filed in response to a June ruling in Knox County which found that a woman did not have any legal rights as a parent after her wife gave birth to a child, as she did not fit the legal definition of ‘husband’. The judge then ignored requests to read the law within the context of the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage, but he said he must interpret the law as written.


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