Equality boss supported the idea of mandatory sex education in UK


Equality and Human Rights Commission head David Isaac gave an interview to PinkNews in which he emphasized on the necessity of the sex and relationship education to be compulsory. And being asked about posible reason why this idea has not become a law yet Isaac responded: “For me it’s a leadership issue, and I think the government might be concerned that it might be interpreted negatively.”

“I think it’s absolutely fundamental in the way that gender issues are understood by children. I’ve done a lot of stuff in relation to gender since I’ve been in the chair role and it’s fundamental in the way we see women in society that PSHE is compulsory part of the curriculum and for LGBT issues it is exactly the same. We know there are direct links between that and bullying – whether its LGBT bullying or whether its intimidation of women or disabled people.”

He also urged his colleagues from the British parliament not to leave it the way it is and to act strongly moving forward in this direction. “For me this is hygiene and actually the curriculum should deal with sex education and gender and equality issues as a part of all those subjects that are a part of PSHE.”
“For me it’s about how it’s taught and the way in which these issues are presented sensitively. If there is clash between religion and LGBT rights but not just that, we’ll deal with that because our young people need to have a proper understanding of these issues to be fully developed, participating citizens of our country and if they’re not taught these things then how will we ever create an inclusive society.”


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