The mother of beauty vlogger PatrickStarrr teaches people to love gender non-confirming kids


Make-up guru PatrickStarrr has filmed a new Youtube video doing a makeover for a special person – his own mommy.Now MamaStarrr, as her son calls her, is one of the most loving and accepting mothers. But it has not always been this way. There was a lesson for her to learn. She learnt it perfectly, so it’s time to teach others. ‘Do you have any messages for the parents out there that may have a different child that’s like me?’ asked Patrick. His mother responded: ‘To all the parents, I understand how you feel. It’s hard in the beginning but no one else could love your children the way you do.’ She added: ‘Children, listen to your parents. I know it’s hard on your side to understand that your parents love you too. Continue to do what you’re doing. Don’t give up!’


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