A loving mother moved the whole family to another country for her gay son to have a better life


Human Rights Campaign shared the story of gay teen named Javier who emigrated to the USA aged 6 because of his mom’s willing. But only 10 years later, when he came out to his mother as gay, he was let to know the real roots of such a decision. The family had lived in Guatemala, which has had a troubled record with LGBT rights. And Javier’s mother realized that her son is gay much earlier than he did. Despite having a university degree and being well educated, Javier’s mother sacrificed her career to work as a housekeeper in the US, where he is safer. “Right after I came out to my mother, the first thing she told me was that it was the reason we had immigrated to the United States,” he told the campaign. “I guess I might’ve just been a very queer kid, and my mother realised it wasn’t something that was going to go away. There just came a point where my mom decided we can’t stay in this country. It’s not safe for my family, it’s not safe for me. And so, she made the sacrifice to come to the US.”


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