Church leader says that LGBT-inclusive sex education is a coverage for child abuse


The former leader of the Free Church of Scotland spoke against< the idea to provide the LGBT-inclusive sexual education across the UK as mandatory. The Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon supported this initiative which mad a Christian activist speak about it.

In his personal column published by The Scotsman, Robertson attacked the TIE campaign, actively assuming that “telling five year olds that they can identify as whatever they want, is at best, unwise, and at worst, a form of state sponsored child abuse”.
He said: “The Time for Inclusive Education programme is a Trojan Horse that seeks to indoctrinate all children into this ideology and not allow any diversion from it. It’s inclusive only in the sense that it wants to make this compulsory for all children, whatever their families want.” Robertson has previously warned that same-sex marriage will lead to “sexual confusion”. He claimed: “As the social and economic consequences of this fundamental change to the way our society is structured become increasingly clear, the debate about what marriage is and how society should be governed will continue.”


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