Ruby Rose is happy that she kept her femininity


The OITNB actress is gender-fluid. It means that it has never been a secret that there were (and are) some features of her character and tastes which are stereotypically believed to be masculine. Ruby says that it came from childhood. She was jealous to boys for having names like Max or Charlie. She preferred superheroes to Barbie dolls, comic books to fashion magazines and football to shopping. She though she was trans and plannrd to change gender. But now she is happy that she did not do it. She identifies herself as a woman with typical female instincts – to love, to care, to bring up children for whom she wants to be a person she wanted to see near herself being a child. “It’s only when I slow down that I realise. I have pinch-me moments, like, ‘Is this my life?’ Because I’ve got four films coming out in 2017, and 18 months ago, I hadn’t even made one,” she added at the end, saying about her career success and inner harmony she finally found.


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