Out bi actor Andy Mientus hit back the haters


Unfortunately, there is such a concept as biphobia. And it is even rifer than homophobia, because gay people can also be biphobic (we all remember Boy George who said that people use the word ‘bisexual’ only to cover up that fact that they are gay). So, when Andy Mientus came out as bisexual, he also had to deal with biphobic people in his Instagram profile.

One of such people wrote: “Bisexuality don’t exist” and “People are gay or straights if he in a relationship with a man he is gay this how I see it.” The actor responded: “Are you devoid of sexuality when you are single?” he asked the commenter. “Are people only gay or straight if they are in relationships? Furthermore, have you ever considered that (gasp) not all relationships are monogamous?”

The fans of Mientus praised him for such a respond. “I didn’t think you could earn more points from me (loud bi rep, pagan, have been in several of my fave musicals). But the defence of non-monogamy just earns you extra,” one fan wrote. “Thank you so so much Andy! Honestly best witchy role model of a theatre person everyone should emulate and strive to embody. Need more people like you in the world! Thank you for being a truly inspiring and amazing person.” Another wrote: “I know you get this all the time, but it’s seriously so cool to see other actors who are so open and proud about being bi and not letting that be erased.”


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