Protesters set to rally at Doncaster prison to fight for trans inmates’ rights

Jenny Swift, previously known as Jonathan, was found dead at HMP Doncaster on December 30. She was remanded into the private men's prison in connection with the death of 26-year-old Eric Flanagan.

he protestors want ythe prison officials to focus on the problem of trans prisoners and their rights also deserve being respected. The suicide committed by the trans prisoner last month showed that this issue is totally ignored by the prison officials. No Prisons Manchester, Action for Trans Health and the Queer Agenda Sheffield organized their protest to get the right for transgender prisoners to receive gender reassignment treatment behind the bars and probably in the nearest future they will be imprisoned according to the gender identity, not the gender of birth. At least the protestants hope so. They said: “The protest is planned to coincide with Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity, an annual international event protesting the treatment of trans and non-binary prisoners. The groups advocate that sending trans prisoners to the “wrong gender facilities” causes “extreme psychological distress and loss of dignity, as well as putting them at risk of violence by other prisoners.”


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