A pet shelter tries to find the new home for an intersex dog


This is Jodie. She is a Staffordshire bull terrier. She has no owner (to tell exactly, her owners abandoned her finding out that she has both male and female sex organs). And the pet shelter owners put out a plea looking for a new home for the cutie dog. The shelter’s workers explained that families had been “put off” from adopting Jodie because of her intersex status.

“While this doesn’t cause her any issues or difficulties, I think this is putting off potential adopters,” Jodie’s coordinator of the RSPCA branch in Southend, Essex says, “Jodie has been with us for a number of months now and we haven’t had a single enquiry for her. As an older Staffie with an unusual physicality, we think Jodie is being unfairly overlooked as we haven’t had any interest in rehoming her. She is such a wonderful dog that she really does deserve a happy, loving retirement home where she can live out her final years in comfort.” We hope that Jodie will find loving owners. She is very lovely and nice creature which deserves being cared about.


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