Marilyn Monroe stamps used a picture of a drag artist by mistake


The impersonator from New York is going to sue the creators of stamps in memory of the legendary Hollywood diva and even the whole country where the stamps were produced. The Central African Republic has a contract with stamp agency Stamperija, which is famous for producing the stamps with celebrities, including Monroe.

Drag impersonator Jimmy James noted that there was not Marilyn on one of the stamps. It was him impersonating the Hollywood icon for the new advertisement of the brand L.A. Eyeworks. “Although the recognition and inclusion of [James] in this collection of stamps is appreciated… the publisher has not only failed and omitted to secure [consent] but has also failed to compensate him. Hopefully, this discriminatory conduct will be atoned for and redressed by immediately compensating Jimmy James in response to our legal demand seeking reasonable remuneration,” the drag artist’s lawyer told New York Post. It is not the first case when Jimmy is mistaken for Marilyn. “I remember threats of lawsuits from the lawyers of the Marilyn Monroe estate over the L.A. Eyeworks ad I did; I was devastated by that. The iconic image had to be stricken from the records and hidden away so that no one would ever see it… twenty two years later due to the Internet, the image was set free. Now it’s probably one of the most mistaken identity photos that people think is Marilyn herself. People are getting tattoos of it thinking it’s Marilyn – but it’s me! Kinda funny, but kinda not. That era [of impersonating Marilyn] is over for me,” the impersonator said.


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